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Essam Atta – swallowing detergent is standard prison procedure in Egypt

Since the publication of my article “Essam Atta alleged torture method known as water cure“, another theory has emerged that suggests that the victim was forced to swallow large quantities of water mixed with a laundry detergent. This account was conveyed by Ineam Atta, the subject’s mother. Ineam recounted how another prisoner told her that her son had … Continue reading

Essam Atta alleged torture method known as water cure

The death of 23 year old, Essam Atta, at Tora prison in Cairo has prompted public anger and mass demonstrations. Rights activists and family members claimed Atta was tortured to death by repeatedly forcing large quantities of water into his body using hoses over the course of two days. A report issued by the university … Continue reading

Essam Atta autopsy – Conflicts in the eyewitness doctor report

I rarely get to blog about medicine here but I just want to highlight a few conflicts between the official reports on the cause of death for the alleged torture victim, Esaam Atta, and the account of an eyewitness to the autopsy, Dr. Ahmed Seyam, who is affiliated to a group named “Tahrir Doctors”. Dr. … Continue reading